Objectives and Strategic Focus

Objectives of GBC Georgia is to create capacity for construction industry and to direct the building sector towards sustainable practice:

✔ Support Georgia’s real estate market by providing measurable third-party verification of the  performance of the building stock.

✔ Transfer/adapt to Georgia and develop new technology and knowledge in the sphere of buildings sustainable design and operation.

✔ Monitor the built environment sector performance, evaluate and follow up the impacts from different types of activities.

✔ Participation in the legal darting process supporting the sustainable construction

✔ Provide valuable advice for the government, NGOs, construction / real estate sector, educators

✔ Develop and maintain the national green building rating system and standards.

✔ Facilitate synergy between key stakeholders: government, private sector, NGOs

✔ Share the knowledge to regional and international partners.

✔ Increase green building awareness among construction professionals, government officials and media

✔ Provide businesses and professionals with a knowledge base for sustainable design.

✔ Provide the market with effective models green building implementation.

✔ Unite a community of opinion leaders and all interested in sustainable construction in order to influence and lead the market.