Green Build Award 2015 Georgia

Award Category Awarded Distinction
Green Building of the Year New Technology Center
David Agmashenebeli Alley, 115 km, Tbilisi, Georgia
Showing exemplary environmental, social and economic performance in the spheres listed in the award description.
The site is located near Tbilisi entrance (from Mtskheta side) 3000 sq. m. building area: office, showroom sky bar. (5 levels).
Best Development Practice Lisi Lake Development LLC Environmental approach to the district development.
The site is located in upper Tbilisi, in recreational area around Lisi Lake.
Best Corporate Management Practice Caucasus Environmental NGO Network – CENN Sustainable Operation and Management of CENN Bulachauri Green Center, Village Bulachauri, Georgia. The site also acts as demo facility for green education.
Sustainable Waste Management EUMM – European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia Showing exemplary practice in waste primary collection, storing and separation.
Location – Tbilisi and Field Offices.
Green building professionals – architects Mr Aleksandre Ramishvili Several designs (implemented projects) of home and public buildings. The sites are located in different locations in Georgia.
Planned green project of the year Inexpo LLC Marneuli Sports Hall designed site is located in Marneuli, Georgia, developed on the former sports facility. The design is conducted taking into account the best environmental and energy performance practice
Best Municipal Practice Marneuli Municipality Carrying out client’s functions in design of sustainable municipal facility – Marneuli Sports Hall.
Innovations and Reserach in Green Building Mr Revaz Aalishvili Innovative design proposal for modular type sustainable buildings construction providing maximum retention of the top soil on the sloped sites.